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Our school handles the creative poster competition "Together to protect health"

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  • Last updated:2020-04-28
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creative poster competition

In order to encourage students to be creative, the unique association, fun, and humor of comics will arouse students' attention to the prevention of "severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19)" and jointly maintain a safe learning environment. On the 24th, a student contest of "Preventing the Epidemic and Protecting Health" creative poster was held. A total of 86 students from 20 groups participated.
The competition method is based on the theme of "protecting health from epidemic", strengthening the concept of epidemic prevention for "serious special infectious pneumonia", and presenting the works with "hand-drawn" comics. The competition team is composed of class students, using hand-painted advertising materials to complete the creation. The theme content, creative performance and color composition of the art are used as the scoring criteria. The competition results are selected among the top five. The participating class teams must do their best to fight for the highest honors. Brainstorming shows the most creative works.
The scoring process is difficult to distinguish. In the end, the vocational beauty class attracted the attention of the reviewer with a clear theme and bright colors, and won the first place. The class draws in classic cartoon characters, exquisite brushstrokes show alternative creativity, and gets the third place. Through the activity process, students are reminded to do epidemic prevention work and maintain a beautiful campus. Through co-creation by class students, teach students to cherish life, respect others, and bring life Come warm.
※ The unit and telephone number for this activity: Discipline 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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