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Our school holds the Mid-Autumn Festival

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Mid-Autumn Festival

The face-to-face family meeting that was closed by the branch due to the epidemic will resume on the 23rd and 24th of this month on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This provides more channels to relieve the emotions between parents and children, and also allows students who miss their loved ones to share their family with their parents.
Students and their long-lost relatives meet in a warm hug, and warm and interactive pictures are everywhere. This time, a theme image board was set up in the venue to assist family members and students to take photos with a stand-alone camera, and precious photos were presented to promote the emotional exchange between parents and children. , Enhance family support. In addition, representatives of the Changhua County Children and Adolescent Care Association also came to the venue to care for the students, and at the same time distributed Mid-Autumn Mooncakes to wish everyone a happy festival in advance, so that students could feel the care and blessings of the public in advance on the eve of the autumn festival.
Harmonica and saxophone talent class performances were also arranged during the meeting to show the students' learning achievements, exquisite and lively and melodious music to stir up the atmosphere of the venue. During the meeting, various protection policies were promoted, and the "Timely Rain" program was promoted to assist students' families, and a family assistance consultation desk was added to provide parents with channels for students' education, employment, and parent-child communication. Principal Rao said that the branch school attaches great importance to the physical and mental development and professional counseling of the young people in the shelter, and parents are requested to maintain good interaction with the school immediately.
A total of 293 family members from all over Taiwan participated in the two-day friendship activity. In addition to encouraging students to know the good fortune and encourage the future, the instructors of each class in the venue are also busy with the role of communication between students and parents, inviting parents to participate and support the growth of their children. . At the end of the activity, a successful conclusion was drawn in the reluctant and cherished voices of the students and their families.
※The unit and phone number of this event: 886-4-8742111 extension 417

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