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Our school organizes the "English Song Chorus" competition

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English Song Chorus competition

In order to arouse students' motivation and interest in learning English, promote English life, reduce students' fear of language learning, and increase self-confidence, our branch school will hold an English song chorus competition on September 25, 2020, with a total of 180 students in 13 classes participating.
The English Song Chorus Competition is the first cultural and recreational activity project organized by the branch school. In order to stimulate students' interest in learning, each participating class is free to choose their favorite English songs. The competition is based on the class. The English teacher of this branch school is responsible for guiding students to pronounce correctly. In order to strive for the highest honor, I always practiced actively before the game. On the day of the game, it fully demonstrated the unity and cooperation and the tacit understanding of the songs. The ingenious and creative stage performance not only won the praise of all the judges, but also won the audience.
As a result of the competition, the second-year students of the beauty department won the first place in the perceptual interpretation of "Monsters"; the second-year students of the catering department sang "Proud of you" with a gentle voice and won the second place. With the song "Faded", the singing is neat and professional, ranking third. Through this competition, the correct pronunciation of English is promoted, students' learning effectiveness is implemented, characteristic teaching is developed, and multiple learning achievements are displayed, and students are also allowed to stay on campus. Make good memories in life.
※The unit and phone number of this event: 886-4-8742111 extension 417

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