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Our school handles the student "1600m Brigade Relay" competition

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  • Last updated:2020-10-29
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1600m Brigade Relay

In order to train the students' physique, cultivate the team's tacit understanding and the spirit of unremitting efforts, our branch school will hold the student team relay competition on October 23, 2020. A total of 104 students from 13 classes participated in this activity.
The competition is determined by drawing lots. Each class sends 8 elite team members. Each student needs to run 200 meters. The winner is the class with the shortest time. Before the game, the physical education teacher explained the rules of the game, reminded the students to take warm-up protective measures, and encouraged the students to display the sportsman spirit of "victory without arrogance, defeat without discouragement".
After the shots fired, the competition started enthusiastically. In order to fight for the honor of the class, the students insisted on not giving up even if they were sweating. The students sprinted on the sports field with all their strength. The shouts of cheerleaders outside the field were endless. The students cheered each other and the spirit of teamwork. It was revealed during the activity, and the last ball of the classmates used all their strength to turn all emotions into motivation and finally won the victory. The whole class was screaming and huddled together, and the warm scene was everywhere.
The strength of the participating teams this time is very difficult to distinguish Xuan Zun, only "second difference" to leave the most perfect record for the competition, and the students went all out to practice the process, will be deeply imprinted in everyone's heart, become the best and most memorable Memories.
※The unit and phone number of this event: 886-4-8742111 extension 417

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