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Our school handles the "2020 Drug Hazards and Legal Liability and Drunk Driving Prevention Propaganda"

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2020 Drug Hazards and Legal Liability and Drunk Driving Prevention Propaganda

In order to enable students to understand the harm of drugs to the human body and the criminal responsibility of driving after drinking, help students to recognize the diverse appearances of drugs, and prevent the behavior of driving under the influence of drinking and refuse the temptation of drugs. On the afternoon of October 30th, attorney Liao Guojun was invited to give a lecture on "Drug Hazards and Legal Liability and Prevention of Drinking and Driving". This activity was attended by 61 students from 5 classes of Zhi, Pu, De, Qin, and Jing.
Lawyer Liao Guojun introduced the classification of drugs in the law and the criminal responsibilities for transportation, trafficking, and administration of drugs in a relaxed and witty way, turning the original rigid legal knowledge into a lively and interesting way, interspersed with news clips and the Internet KUSO The short film allows students to use images and videos to deepen their understanding of drugs. Attorney Liao also used the way of telling history to let students understand the past and present of drugs, and let students understand the evolution and composition of drugs in the form of stories. Finally, he introduced the criminal liability of drinking and driving under the new law this year, reminding students of the future For driving behavior, remember not to drink and drive. If you are a passenger, you also have related responsibilities.
※The unit and phone number of this activity: 886-4-8742111 extension 413

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