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Our school handles the "2020 Volunteer Group Training''

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2020 Volunteer Group Training'

In order to enrich the professional knowledge of teaching volunteers in this branch school, through the teaching and sharing of professional knowledge in lectures, to provide more psychological support and spiritual encouragement to teaching volunteers, and to improve the effectiveness of auxiliary education, this branch school will be on the morning of November 5, 2020. A total of 28 volunteers participated in this activity.
In his speech, Principal Rao expressed his gratitude to all volunteer teachers for their long-term selfless dedication and dedication, caring and accompanying students, allowing them to walk through the low ebb in life, and lead them to the path of growth and transformation. The topic of the lecture-"Peace and Peace Qi, the first experience of mindfulness stress reduction (MBSR)" is very suitable for the counseling concept we want to convey. Especially, the director of the Four Seasons Consultation Office, Su, is an expert in the field of family counseling, stress adjustment and emotional management education, I believe Can provide a lot of professional knowledge of volunteer teachers.
The content of the study course is very substantial. The lecture introduces the three cores of the course "Recognizing Happiness, Understanding EQ and Experiencing Mindfulness". In addition to expounding various theories of counseling, it further points out the personality traits of non-professional teenagers and reminds volunteer teachers to understand their psychology At the level, in a vivid and lively way, supplemented by simulated situations and actual operations, the volunteers in the training can relearn their conversation skills with the case.
Finally, the volunteer business supervision meeting chaired by Section Chief Jiang of the Training and Guidance Division said that the tutoring work was more difficult during the restructuring process. I sincerely thank the volunteer teachers for their hard work and hope that they can continue to give the students warm care. Through the activities, the volunteer teachers shared their tutoring experiences with each other, and gained a lot from the lessons.
※The unit and phone number of this event: 886-4-8742111 extension 417

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