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Our school holds the fourth student "reading experience'' writing competition in 2020

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reading experience

In order to cultivate students' interest in writing, develop good reading habits, improve concentration, observation, thinking, and broaden their horizons, our branch will continue to hold the fourth quarter of student reading and writing competition on December 17, 2020.
The class will handle the preliminary competition by itself, and 27 student representatives will be selected to participate in the finals. There is no limit to the reading of the competition. Students can freely choose excellent books and present their reading experience in more than 800 words. And change, with a positive outlook on life)", "paragraph structural integrity" and "writing fluency" are the scoring criteria.
The reading book of students is wide and diverse. The collection of masters in the competition can hardly distinguish Xuan Yuan. In the end, the first-year student of the food and beverage department wrote "All encounters are the thoughts of the soul" by the soul writer Huang Shuwen. Let go of all the pain, forgive the mistakes of others and face your own heart bravely, you will get freedom, happiness and eternal love, and won the favor of the judges and won the first place; learned from the best-selling book "I decide who I am" Not living in the comments of others, knowing how to understand his father’s painstaking discipline, won the second place; the third place was for reading "Before the world sinks, love me" in the writer Pomelo, to correct my feelings and realize that "love does not I stay there for granted, only if I cherish it and defend it, can it always exist." Won the third place.
Through reading, students can develop their thoughtful thinking skills, inspire wisdom in subtle ways, enrich their hearts and inspire lives, and face the future with hope, courage and positive energy.
※The unit and phone number of this event: 886-4-8742111 extension 417

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