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Our school organizes character and life education "classroom layout" competition

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  • Last updated:2021-01-25
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classroom layout

In order to welcome the Spring Festival holiday and give the campus a new New Year atmosphere, the branch chose to organize the "Themed Classroom Decoration" competition on the eve of the Spring Festival. It is hoped that through mutual assistance, cooperation and inclusiveness, students will enhance classmate friendship and enhance the joy of learning.
In this competition, the class customizes the "theme" of the classroom layout, and designs and highlights the theme features inside and outside the classroom. The layout content is presented in the form of slogans, pictures, patterns, photos, objects, creative works, awards and pennants. The layout materials can also be diversified and mixed, such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic, rubber, recycling bottles and cans. The connotation of the arrangement can be presented in humorous, entertaining, encouraging, memorial, lyrical... and other ways. Some of the participating classes have Pokemon cartoon characters as the theme, and the classrooms are beautifully arranged to make people feel refreshing; some use poem collections and extracurricular activities to plant vanilla experience, making people feel like walking into the cultural and artistic palace; some catch current events, With the theme of the New Year’s announcement on epidemic prevention issues, it is full of joy for the new year; or some introduce the delicious beef recipes with "Michelin Feast" combined with learning characteristics, which impresses the judges, and the wealth of professional knowledge is amazing. The participating classes showed their ingenuity and dedication, and the students were full of talents, which made the judges amazed.
The results of the competition were scored by the male vocational catering class with the theme of "Pokemon Underwater World" and won the championship; the female vocational catering class combined with the students' daily learning and won the runner-up with the theme of "Sakura Secret "Quiet"", and the beauty and hairdressing class "Taurus Epidemic Prevention and New Year's Eve" ranked third. Through participating in the competition activities, through continuous care and sharing, I hope that students will not only experience the joy of beauty, but also feel the sincerity and charity of life.
※The unit and phone number of this event: 04-8742111 extension 417

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