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Our school handles 110 Spring Festival telephone filial piety activities

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110 Spring Festival telephone filial piety activities

In order to encourage students to have a good start in the new year, starting from caring for their families, with family support, striving to change and being positive, our branch school will hold the Spring Festival telephone filial piety activity on January 22, 2021.
Due to the recent warming of the domestic and international epidemic situation, due to the severe special infectious pneumonia epidemic prevention measures, the Spring Festival student face-to-face family activities have been suspended. In addition to sympathizing with the families of students and reducing the chance of infection, the teachers and students of our branch have also implemented various epidemic prevention measures. Don't let the epidemic break. Chunghwa Telecom’s Changhua Operations Office has set up 30 telephones to provide the best call quality for the students’ call-to-knowing activities. The principal of the branch school has specifically instructed to extend the call time so that students have enough time to " "Love" speaks out, expressing students' longing for their families and making the parent-child relationship closer. During the meeting, through corporate charity, students were reminded to be grateful and to cherish their blessings, drink water to think about their source, and at the same time not to forget the kindness of family members, and to be grateful for the hard work of their families without complaints.
Family affection is the driving force to maintain the normal life of young people. With the care of family members and the teaching of teachers, young people will be able to wake up from the heart and stay close and away from the bad environment in the past. Principal Yang Fen, who has always valued the treatment of students, also came to the venue to care about students. A total of 266 students participated in this activity. The sound of love and affection from the family members at the activity site came and went. Although the students deliberately suppressed and concealed their homesickness, the feeling of missing their family members could not be described. Finally, it turned into a whisper of caring and blessings, marking a perfect end to the activity. .
※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

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