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Our school handles the "I have something to say" contest

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Pictorial Selection Competition

In the process of each child’s learning and growth, parents, grandparents, or teachers, etc., play an important role of guiding, teaching or accompanying. In order to help students think about the growth in the life process, students have the opportunity to interact with their elders. To enhance parent-child sentiment, our branch school will hold the "Caring for My Parents, I Have Something/Drawing to Say: Passing Through Youth Memory" graphic contest on February 19, 2021.
The elders in the family often share the youth stories of their boys and girls age with their children, grandchildren or younger generations. There are some unforgettable pictures and objects in the stories, which become the bright colors and nutrients in their memories. Maybe it is a sweater of a first love lover, a campus life Air raid alert, or an unforgettable classmate friendship. I hope that through this activity, students will have the opportunity to chat with their elders about their youth stories and turn them into image creations, travel through time and space with laughter and tears, return to the time when their elders are similar to their current age, and get to know their elders. In the age of growing up, relive the memories of youth with profound significance. It is hoped that through this activity, students can understand the growth years of their elders, empathize with them and understand the growth process of their elders different from their own, and enhance students' sense of identification with family members. In the event, the preliminaries were handled by the class, and a total of 31 excellent works were selected to participate in the inter-school finals.
Participating students have diverse and rich works. The pictures and texts are full of gratitude to their family and elders, and they are more thoughtful, looking forward to and full of hope in their future life. As a result of the competition, the Meal Tube 2B student won the first place, and Meal Tube 1A ranked second. Through participation in this activity, students can better appreciate the importance of family and family functions, and make the parent-child relationship warmer and more harmonious. Under the subtle teaching of the teacher, I hope to guide the lost youngsters on the right path of life.
※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

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