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Our school handles student "Legal Consultation and Rule of Law Education Lectures" activities

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Legal Consultation and Rule of Law Education Lectures

In order to enrich students’ new knowledge of law, establish students’ social awareness of the rule of law and strengthen compliance with the norms, our branch will be co-organized with the Changhua Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation of the Consortium on March 19, 2021, and lawyer Yiting Liao from Muyang International Law Firm will be invited to the school for handling Lectures on legal consultation and legal education. A total of 101 students from 6 classes participated in this activity.
The lecture focused on "Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault" legal knowledge, and introduced the people-oriented flexible justice system-the new concept of "restorative justice". The courses are rich and diverse. The lecture introduces various forms of bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault through text, pictures and videos. It reminds students in a lively and interactive manner that "Don’t take evil for the small, and don’t take the good. For", if you neglect or have no common sense of the law, perhaps, inadvertent small actions or omissions may violate the law without knowing it. At the same time, she encourages students to try to look at everything from a different perspective, and guide students to know the law through knowledge sharing. , Understand the law and then abide by the law, deepen the concept of law-abiding in the interaction between the students and the lecture.
In the end, the lecture encouraged students that life is unsatisfactory. In most cases, the law cannot solve all problems. Cultivating the ability to think positively can easily resolve conflicts and crises, bravely assume responsibility, and be a warm, sincere and kind person. You are proud, and the event ended successfully in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

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