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Brief Introduction of Drug Remedial Programme

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  • Last updated:2023-03-21
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The analysis results of the youngster’s reason for drug using: Curiosity, low tolerance for frustration, seeking for approval of peers, drug-abusing parents and others, which caused a heart addiction more difficult to cure than body addiction. In order to effectively prevent the students from drug-abusing, achieve the objective to increase the hygiene factors for renascence and reduce the risk factors for recommitment, the students drug-addiction treatment remedial programme will be implemented step by step.
I.Evaluation stage for new students:
New students are divided into 3 classes: non- substance abuser, drug beginner and short term drug-user and recidivist and highly drug dependant student according to the following respects:  
1. frequency of drug use 2. Dosage of drug use 3. Drug species of concurrent use 4. Social causes for drug use (self-attempt or usually together with friends and strangers) 5. Drudgers’ emotional state (normal or depression before drug use). The school will also give them counseling step by step.
II.Counseling in school:
 1. In addition to arranging the advisors to give legal education in each class, our school will regularly invite experts and professors from Drug Control Center and Centers for Disease Control to give legal education on drugs and introduce the harm of drugs to people’s body and mind, teach how to say no to drugs and avoid needle sharing and others, aims to realize the prevention effect.
 2.Arrange drug-using students to have counseling courses, hoping to increase their self-awareness, discussing the cause of their behavior-problem, thus to increase the students’ adopted ability to stress and ability to control their emotions.( such as solving problem, enduring frustrations, building interpersonal relationship,etc.)
 3.If necessary, highly drug depended students can be transferred to the school’s psychiatric department for ambulatory treatment after the psychiatrist’s assessment. 
Drug counseling situation, a total of 2 pictures  
III.Outside counseling stage:
After leaving school,the drug-using students under the age of 20 were referred to the department of Social Welfare of the County(City) Government for follow-up counseling before leaving the school. The drug-using students who have reached the age of 20 are referred to the Drug Control Center to receive continuing counseling , thus to increase the probability of seeking for professional drug rehab treatment after leaving the school. The After-Care Association will be invited to carry out parenting education to help the family to enrich the relevant knowledge required in the process of accompanying the addiction. We will also help the students to find a job and giving them living expenses support when necessary. 
IV.Outside follow-up counseling stage:
 1. Those under the age of 20: refer to the department of social welfare of the county(city) government for follow-up counseling.
 2. Those who are over 20 years old: refer to the drug control center of each county(city) government for follow-up.

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