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Art Tutoring Plan

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  • Last updated:2023-03-21
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Ⅰ. Teaching Aims
  1. Through the education of art and culture, enable the students to know about traditional, art, physical education, and dance thus to explore and excavate talented students. Thus when facing the life challenge, they will have salvation in heart and be motivated to overcome difficulties. The school also takes this education to foster healthy leisure activities and calm down their mind in school.
  2. Through the art tutoring, the school aims to find the students’ potential artistic talents and purify their souls, increase their abilities of solving interpersonal relationship problems, assist to their all-round development.
Ⅱ. Content of Courses
  Conduct teaching and learning on harmonica, art, dance, saxophone,uklele,drama,lanterns and traditional crafts respectively girls and boys classes in the form of small group .

saxophone,harmonica and uklel, a total of 3 pictures   e

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