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Increase the number of visit, Special cause visit and extend the visit time

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  • Last updated:2020-06-10
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I.Increase the number of visit
 Due to the number of Visitors per week or the restrictions of the Visitors, it is impossible to process the visit. If there is an increase in the number of visit or the object is necessary, the applicant may apply to the school.
II. Special cause visit
 In the following cases, you can fill out the application form and fill in the specific reasons. After the approval of the director of the school and check the reasons for approval, special interviews can be handled:
  1.There is a change in the student's home or other special circumstances.
  2.When the applicant is handicapped, ill or moving about with difficulty.
  3.Containing students due to language communication problems and having necessary translations.
  4.When the school needs to assist students, it is necessary to ask the applicant for assistance.
  5.Others that are considered by the director of the school to help stabilize the physical and mental adaptation of the students.
III. extend the visit time
 Refers to the general, increased or special cause visit. Due to the limitation of each visit time, if there is a need to extend the visit time, the application can be made at the time of registration, and the approval of the director of the school; if necessary, during the visit process, The application method is the same.

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