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Health Care

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I.Diagnosis and Treat of Disease:
Since 2013, students have been included in National Health Insurancee. The school has cooperated with neighboring medical institutions to provide outpatient medical services to meet the medical needs of students. For patients with special diseases, chronic Illness and psychopath, follow-up treatment is carried out and health education is carried out. If the student's illness is not handled by the school, he or she should be sent to a nearby medical institution for medical treatment according to the condition so that the disease can be properly treated.

Division Outpatient schedule
Division of Internal medicine Three times a week
Division of Psychiatry Once a week
Division of Dermatology Once every two weeks
Division of Dentistry Twice a week
Division of Obstetrics & Gynecology Once a month
a physical examination Once a week

II.Environment Health:
1.Clean the classrooms, place around the dormitories, and the kitchen every day to keep the living environment clean.
2. Have 1-2 times disinfections every month to destroy the source of the disease and prevent from contagion.
3. Coordinate with the local health officials to have disinfection to prevent the disease from spreading.

Environmental disinfection and Environmental cleaning, a total of 3 pictures

III.Hygiene Education:
1.Handling health education courses such as AIDS prevention, prevention of infectious diseases, stress adjustment, suicide prevention, tobacco hazards, narcotics hazards, oral hygiene and first aid training, etc., to improve students' correct attitudes towards self-health care.
2.Regularly handle the training courses for correctional personnel and students.

lectures on health subject and AIDS campaign, a total of 3 pictures

IV.Physical Examination:
1.Arrange physical examination for freshmen every month. Besides the routine physical examination, blood screening, chest X-ray, urine drug test are also included. A personal health check-up record will be made for each student. The female students especially havt to receive a pregnancy test immediately after they entering.
2.Students in school will have a routine physical examination every 3 months, including height & weight measuring and so on, thus to confirm the students' health condition.
3.All students in school will receive a blood screening and chest X-ray examination every year.
4.Cooperate to air the quilt irregularly, thus to reduce allergic reaction and skin contagious disease.

scene from chest X-ray check and urine sample for drug check andblood test, a total of 3 pictures

VI.Released for Medical Treatment (giving birth), Receiving medical treatment outside under monitoring:
1.Students in sick if can't get treated properly can be released for medical treatment after the doctor proved that the realness and no short term healing. Female students if pregnancy over 5 months should conduct for release for giving birth.
2.Receiving medical treatment outside under monitoring:Students in sick if can't get treated properly can go out for medical treatment under monitoring; make sure the students could get proper treatment in time.

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