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The "Sparkling Stars" Student Comprehensive Talent

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  • Last updated:2024-01-11
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    Competition to inspire students' potential, foster creativity, and cultivate a positive and focused attitude towards learning. The event took place on December 19, 112, with a total of 111 students from 15 classes participating. Performances were evaluated based on substance, reflective and uplifting content, as well as skill and creativity. Drawing lots determined the performance order, promoting adherence to school rules.

     Before the competition, each class collectively brainstormed and prepared for their performances, showcasing a diverse range of talents including dance, singing, stage plays, and musicals. The enthusiastic audience responded with applause and cheers, reflecting the students' dedication and outstanding abilities.

     In conclusion, Principal Lin praised the students for their sincere and heartfelt performances, commending them for bringing honor to their classes. The event was vibrant and varied, and Principal Lin expressed high hopes for the students' future growth, encouraging them to maintain a positive and diligent learning attitude. She also emphasized seizing the opportunities of youth and believing in students’ limitless potential.

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