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Our school organizes the 113th Spring Festival telephone filial piety activity

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  • Last updated:2024-02-16
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To kick off the new year on a positive note, our school initiated a caring campaign encouraging students to start with their families. Recognizing the power of family support in fostering positive change, we organized a special event, the "Spring Festival Phone Filial Piety Activity," on February 2, 2024.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Chunghwa Telecom for generously providing and setting up 30 phones, ensuring optimal call quality for our students. This initiative allowed students to convey heartfelt wishes to their families before the Chinese New Year, alleviating homesickness and fostering a positive atmosphere.

Principal Lin Jia-Ru actively participated in the event, emphasizing the importance of ample calling time. This ensured students had sufficient time to express their love, relieving the emotional burden of missing their families and strengthening parent-child bonds. Throughout the event, the school aimed to instill gratitude and a sense of appreciation in students, reminding them to cherish their blessings and acknowledge the sacrifices made by their families.

Recognizing the vital role of family ties in the normal development of adolescents, we hope that this initiative sparks a genuine awakening in our students, guiding them away from negative influences. With the participation of 298 students, the event resonated with the warmth of family affection. Despite students attempting to suppress their homesickness, the unspoken emotions transformed into caring and blessing whispers, marking a perfect conclusion to the activity.

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