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Our school organizes family Spring Festival greetings to warm and correct the hearts of young people

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  • Last updated:2024-02-16
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During the festive season, Inspiring High School organized a two-day Spring Festival family reunion event on January 25th and 26th. Students, longing for their families, shared precious moments with parents, resulting in emotional reunions and tearful embraces. Principal Lin Jia-Ru personally attended, providing warmth and blessings before the Lunar New Year. The school, prioritizing holistic development and family bonds, emphasized the significance of this correctional institution's unique family-facing event. For economically disadvantaged students like Xiao Zhi, Principal Lin initiated the "Inspiration Dragon Cat Bus," ensuring their participation. With 359 family members from across Taiwan attending, the event promoted gratitude, communication, and support, strengthening familial bonds. The heartwarming conclusion reinforced the school's commitment to guiding wayward youth towards positive transformation with family support.

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