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Objectives of Establishment

Changhua Reform School,Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice admits all juvenile delinquents under the age of l8 of both sexes from local courts which declare judicially in accordance with juvenile delinquency to execute the rectification. The objectives of an organization for performing correctional education and disciplinary action are as follows:  ※Influencing juvenile delinquents to repent and start anew by rectifying bad habitual behaviors.  ※Vocational training to improve employment po...


Cultivation counseling

Cultivation counseling

In order to guarantee the inmates’ overall development, change their growing circumstance, adjust their characters and make them get used to the school life, give up bad habits and effectively reduce the negative impact of institutionalized treatment, our school adopt diverse and individual treatment and achieve the goal of cultivation model. Our school counseling consists of 5 major parts: individual counseling, group counseling, volunteer counseling, and religious counseling. Besides, we adop...

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