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211 Handling the karaoke OK singing competition for the cultural and recreational activities in September 2018 2018-10-02
212 Going through the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival family members face-to-face activities 2018-10-02
213 Handling the filial piety activities of students in 2018 "Mid-Autumn Thanksgiving, a thousand miles of love" 2018-09-19
214 Education Seminar on "Immune Prevention and Protection of Infected Persons' Rights and Interests" 2018-09-17
215 The conference on the results of the "Changing Project Drama Workshop - Lost Lamb" 2018-09-06
216 Handling the "Common First Aid Disposal and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course" Health Education Activities 2018-08-30
217 Handling the "Life Education Film Appreciation Writing" Competition 2018-08-30
218 Handling student "ethical growth camp" activities 2018-08-27
219 Handling Life Education Lectures on "Life is Unlimited, Efforts Have Opportunities" 2018-08-21
220 Handling the "Student Summer Buddhist Growth Camp" in 2018 2018-08-16
221 Handling the "Starlight" Comprehensive Talent Competition 2018-08-07
222 Handling the "CPR + AED" education training 2018-07-26
223 Handling "Sexual Aggression Psychology and Talks Counseling Skills" Health Education Training 2018-07-26
224 The Court handles the "Legal Counseling and Rule of Law Education Lecture" 2018-07-25
225 Handling the "Qin Yi Fei Yang" Love Care Concert 2018-07-25
226 Our students participate in the 5th Buddhist Academy in 2018 2018-07-25
227 Handling the "Student Autobiography Resume Writing" Competition 2018-07-03
228 Life Education Lecture - Rabbit Cave at Sea 2018-06-26
229 Implementing "infection control check" effectiveness 2018-06-26
230 Handle the "Present Situation of Drug Abuse and the Way of Prevention and Control" Health Education 2018-06-26
231 "Inspirational Patriotic" Military Song Competition 2018-06-04
232 The Castle Peak Elementary School's "Music Exchange" performance 2018-05-28
233 This court handles "2018 Changchun District National Education Association Examination" 2018-05-22
234 Handle the 2018 Mother's Day wedding party 2018-05-17
235 Handle Mother's Day Call for Filial Piety in 2018 2018-05-17
236 "Pressure adjustment and suicide prevention" health education activities 2018-05-01
237 Mother's Day Thank You Card Writing Competition 2018-04-30
238 This court handles the lecture "Financial Education Seminar - Establishing the Right Money Concept" 2018-04-23
239 "Rural countryside goes to Olympics" lecture on life education 2018-04-13
240 "Pulmonary tuberculosis prevention and treatment knowledge" health education lecture 2018-04-03
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