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271 For "common first aid common sense and cardiopulmonary resuscitation" health education activities 2017-08-10
272 We have a "health education lecture" for "life away from smoke" 2017-08-10
273 The school for July 2017 cultural and recreational activities "chess" game 2017-07-31
274 We have a hygiene education seminar on "Understanding AIDS and Drug Control" 2017-07-25
275 Students summer education growth camp 2017-07-14
276 The Court and the Cathay Pacific Life Charity Foundation co-organized "Cathay Pacific sent love. Warmth most HIGH "life education care activities 2017-06-29
277 For a "wave out - drug harm prevention and control propaganda" health education lectures 2017-06-29
278 June 2017 Cultural and recreational activities "dream fly" Origami aircraft throwing far game 2017-06-22
279 We hold a lecture on "Sexual Respect and Sexual Prostitution Prevention" 2017-06-03
280 In May 2017, the cultural and recreational activities were held 2017-05-25
281 The unit held the "2017 Zhanhua District Education Examination" 2017-05-22
282 Emergency ambulance training 2017-05-18
283 2017 years to accommodate students Mother 's Day 2017-05-15
284 2017 Mother 's Day Student' s Telephone and Filial Piety Activity 2017-05-12
285 We hold "lectures on legal advice and rule of law education" 2017-05-01
286 "Mother's Day Thanks to Card Writing Competition" 2017-05-01
287 The school for "live the color of life" care activities 2017-04-27
288 Go to the "World for you to change ~ stress adjustment and suicide prevention" health education lectures 2017-04-17
289 The school for "to play the prototype of Journey to the West - in Turkey met my own" life education lectures 2017-03-31
290 March 2017 Cultural and recreational activities "skipping competition" activities 2017-03-26
291 The school participated in the "105 school year national student music competition" high school group group harmonica ensemble champion 2017-03-17
292 Musical instrument donation charity activities 2017-03-16
293 [I do not change ugly to the drug that NO] 3D anti-drug film charity activities 2017-03-16
294 Symposium on Health Education for "Common Infectious Disease Prevention and Control" 2017-03-13
295 The school participated in the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival won the high school team lights Wang 2017-02-15
296 "Life Convenience Stickers - Those Love Things" Health Education Seminar 2017-02-03
297 January 2017 character and life education - "classroom layout" competition 2017-01-26
298 Sexual Harassment Prevention Campaign was launched 2017-01-26
299 Students' Winter Camp for Buddhist Development 2017-01-25
300 The hospital for 2017 Spring Festival cordial pro 2017-01-20
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