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91 Our school handles the "I have something to say" contest 2021-02-24
92 Our school handles laser tattoo removal activities 2021-01-28
93 Our school handles 110 Spring Festival telephone filial piety activities 2021-01-26
94 Our school organizes character and life education "classroom layout" competition 2021-01-25
95 Our school holds the fourth student "reading experience'' writing competition in 2020 2020-12-18
96 Our school holds "Life Education" lectures 2020-12-18
97 Our school holds the "Image School Name Naming" competition 2020-12-15
98 Our school organizes "Super Good Voice" Karaoke Singing Competition 2020-12-01
99 Our school handles "Influenza Vaccination" activities 2020-11-25
100 Our school handles the "2020 Volunteer Group Training'' 2020-11-11
101 Our school organizes "Remove Regrets and Embrace the Sun" laser tattoo removal activity 2020-11-03
102 Our school handles the "2020 Drug Hazards and Legal Liability and Drunk Driving Prevention Propaganda" 2020-11-03
103 Our school handles the student "1600m Brigade Relay" competition 2020-10-29
104 Our school organizes "That She, That Me" Drama Results Presentation 2020-10-21
105 Our school organizes the "109 Family Assistance" activity 2020-10-15
106 The school handles the special education promotion committee meeting for the first semester of the 109 school year 2020-10-12
107 Our school organizes the "English Song Chorus" competition 2020-09-30
108 Our school holds the Mid-Autumn Festival 2020-09-30
109 Our school organizes the third quarter of 2020 student "reading experience" writing competition 2020-09-29
110 Our school organizes the "2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Phone Filial Piety Event'' 2020-09-23
111 Our school manages the 2020 family support and assistance family program activities 2020-09-17
112 Our school manages the 2020 drug class family support program activities 2020-09-17
113 Lecture on "Life Education by Professor LIOU,DA-TAN, a Disabled Inventor" 2020-09-17
114 Our school holds educational seminars on "CPR and AED Training" 2020-09-15
115 Our school holds educational seminars on "Life Story Sharing and Health Education for People with AIDS" 2020-09-15
116 Our school handles the 2020 special education IEP meeting 2020-09-11
117 Our school handles the 2020 special education knowledge study 2020-09-04
118 Chess competition in our school 2020-08-31
119 Our school holds educational seminars on "AIDS prevention and protection of the rights and interests of infected persons" 2020-08-27
120 Our school holds the "Life Education Film Appreciation Writing" competition 2020-08-07
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