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121 Our school handles the 2020 Student Law Conference Examination 2020-08-07
122 Our school conducts special education-disability promotion activities 2020-07-02
123 Our school handles the "Reading Experience" writing competition for students in the second quarter of 2020 2020-06-29
124 Our school handles student skipping competition 2020-05-27
125 Our school handles the 2020 Mother's Day Phone Filial Piety Event 2020-05-05
126 Our school handles the "Mother's Day Card Writing Competition" 2020-04-28
127 Our school handles the creative poster competition "Together to protect health" 2020-04-28
128 Our school handles the "Beyond the Peak" three-on-three basketball game 2020-04-01
129 Our school handles writing competition for students in the first quarter of 2020 2020-03-30
130 Our students make cookies for Changhua Veterans Home, VAC 2020-03-26
131 Our school handles the first meeting of the special education promotion group for the second semester of the 108 school year 2020-03-25
132 Our school handles "2019 Special Education IEP Conference" 2020-03-05
133 Our school handles "Essay Competition" 2020-02-26
134 Our school handles "Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia" health education 2020-02-11
135 Our school handles classroom layout competitions 2020-02-04
136 Our school handles the Spring Festival 2020 2020-01-21
137 Our school handles filial piety activities for the Spring Festival 2020 2020-01-13
138 Our school handles "flu shots" 2020-01-10
139 Our school handles the Karaoke singing contest in December 2019 2019-12-31
140 Our school handles the life story of "Steel Girl" 2019-12-24
141 Students of our school participated in the 2019 China Cup National Beauty Salon and Beauty Technology Contest 2019-12-19
142 Harmonica class wins again 2019-12-13
143 Our school handles influenza vaccine and viral gastroenteritis education 2019-12-09
144 Our school handles family system ranking lectures in the second half of 2019 2019-12-04
145 Our school handles student badminton competitions 2019-11-27
146 Our school handles 2019 scientific evidence-based drug treatment and reversions 2019-11-26
147 School of Finance Education Seminar 2019-11-26
148 The school handles "Understanding AIDS Campus Advocacy" 2019-11-25
149 The school cooperates with the Zhangtou Investment Office of the Labor Development Department of the Ministry of Labor to conduct off-campus employment visits. 2019-11-25
150 The school cooperated with the Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Agency, the Changtou Investment Office to handle employment promotion lectures. 2019-11-25
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