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151 The school handles the "2019 Volunteer Training" 2019-11-11
152 The school handles the pest control crisis - skin screening activities 2019-11-04
153 The school handles the student's "1600-meter brigade relay" competition 2019-10-28
154 The school handles the student "Gennic Choir Charity Care Concert" 2019-10-18
155 The school delivered a presentation on the results of the "Upwind Project Drama Workshop" 2019-10-18
156 The school handles the first meeting of the first special education promotion group in 2019 2019-10-09
157 The school's prevention and infection control measures for respiratory infections 2019-10-02
158 The school handles the creative poster competition 2019-10-01
159 The school handles the 2019 special education knowledge study 2019-09-27
160 The school and the charity foundation jointly organized the "Aiyouwei" life education tour performance 2019-09-25
161 The school handles the "The First Semester Of 2019 Academic Year Student Individualized Education Project Conference" 2019-09-22
162 The school handles the family support program for drug offenders in the second half of 2019 2019-09-19
163 The school handles the Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion 2019-09-09
164 The school handles the "2019 Mid-Autumn Festival telephone filial activities" 2019-09-05
165 The school has passed the 2019 TQC Chinese input certification and a total of 46 students passed the test. 2019-09-05
166 The school has passed the test of the skills of the 2nd grade C-level project technicians in 2019. 2019-09-05
167 The school handles common first aid treatment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses 2019-09-02
168 The school handles the "Starlight" student comprehensive talent competition 2019-08-29
169 The school handles the 2019 student "Summer Youth Growth Camp" 2019-08-21
170 Handling the "Summer Buddhist Growth Camp" in 2019 2019-08-12
171 Handling the "Life Education Film Appreciation Writing" Competition 2019-08-05
172 Handling the "Quality of Life for All" activity 2019-08-05
173 Handling 2019 Information Security Education Training and Promotion Activities 2019-07-31
174 Handling the "Family System Arrangement" Lecture 2019-07-23
175 The school handles students' "Legal Counseling and Rule of Law Education" activities 2019-07-19
176 The unit cooperated with the Labor Department of Changhua County on July 11, 2019 to handle employment promotion lectures. 2019-07-18
177 The Labor Department of Changhua County Government cooperates in handling employment promotion lectures 2019-07-18
178 Handling the chess competition for the cultural and recreational activities in June 2019 2019-07-10
179 Handle the "Love Life! Reject Drugs!" campaign 2019-06-28
180 Handling the "Wanderer Campus Life Education Lecture" 2019-06-17
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